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Certain Songs will be going on HIATUS for the next month or so. But don’t fret, I’ll be back soon. I just needed to take some time off to record my new album Chinese Democracy am very busy for the next month. Anyway, if you’re looking to stay connected over the break, here are some ways.


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For the past couple of months I’ve also been doing some editorial-styled writing about music. If you’re trying to give you ears a break, here’s something for your brain to chew on. Please read, enjoy, and comment if you feel like it.

The Next Perfect Pop Song, Maybe
Is “Call My Maybe” by Carly Rae Jepsen truly the next perfect pop song? What makes a pop song perfect, anyway? The following is a detailed and comprehensive analysis of the question, including A Brief Case Study on Lyrical Gaffes in Popular Music.

Potential Candidates For Song Of Summer 2012
In this companion piece to The Next Perfect Pop Song, Maybe, I preview a few choice songs that are contending for title of the Song of Summer 2012.

Singled Out: “Pop” by NSYNC
Singled Out is a recurring segment in which I revisit the popular singles from the popular boy bands of my youth. In this first installment, I take a closer look at “Pop” by NSYNC.

The Midnight Ramblers
A recounting one of the most memorable concerts of my life and the one man responsible for making it all happen: Levon Helm.

The Rise of Vinyl
Sales of vinyl records are up in the United States and I have a theory on why some of us are going analog.

Who is Paul McCartney? (And Other Important Questions)
The unfortunate truth that thousands of people have no idea who Paul McCartney is should be the least of your concerns.


Aside from Certain Songs, I have a few more humorous endeavors you can check in on.




Keep listening to good music. If you find some new stuff, send it my way at certainsongsblog [at] gmail [dot] com.

P.S. There may be a new mixtape on Monday for the Fourth of July… but maybe not.

See ya soon!


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